31st Jan2013

A 244-year-old startup

Encyclopedia Britannica, 18 years ago, recognized a change in the reference industry – the introduction of the internet and specifically the popular adoption of Wikipedia.  Unlike Barnes...

10th Oct2012
Source: www.MadMagazine.com © 2012 DC Comics

Apple Maps: little data, big problems

Mapplegate, cartastrophe, mapocalypse. Whatever you call it, reaction to Apple’s iPhone 5 introduction found the company uncharacteristically bruised. The story is well-reported: Apple dumped Google Maps and...

15th Aug2012
internet retailer

5 takeaways from Internet Retailer 2012

In June, I spent 3 days at Chicago’s McCormick Center for Internet Retailer 2012. This event attracted over 8,600 participants from e-commerce players big and small, technology...

15th Aug2012
Image courtesy of Parag.naik via Wikimedia Commons

Marketing in Digital Time

So you now have the right leadership, right incentives, and doing the right things with your digital content – what’s next?  What’s next is the transformation of...

10th Aug2012
cartoon 1

Are females better customers?

“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”  – Sophie Kinsella, author...

18th Jul2012
Image by USN [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Taking off: Getting a digital strategy launched

A client came to us contemplating their third attempt to launch a digital customer experience strategy. On two prior occasions, a well-crafted strategy had been poised for...

26th Jun2012
"Could we move this along? I got Hong Kong on the line and I need to move these German Bunds before the markets in Dusseldorf close, hmmm, 'kay?" Photo courtesy of humboldthead

The Rise of the Techie Toddler

“Could we move this along? I got Hong Kong on the line and I need to move these German Bunds before the markets in Dusseldorf close, hmmm,...

20th Jun2012

Razorfish on Mashable: Using Digital to Combat Showrooming

While it might seem that digital is out to eat brick-and-mortar’s lunch, Shannon Denton, President of Central Region Razorfish, suggests an alternative approach in this Mashable op-ed:...

15th Jun2012
20 somethings

Ah, the Millenial Generation…

Ah, the Millennial Generation… Digital natives.  Diverse.  Confident.  Self-expressive.  Much has been written about this generation and their characteristics.  Due to their sheer size (they are larger...

15th May2012
How will your app stand out in a crowded marketplace of bright objects? Photo courtesy of Hector L

Success in the App Marketplace: Part I

  Do any of these sound familiar?      How many app downloads should I expect once our app launches?      How many downloads is considered...

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